Meet Halima

Awesome Halima Profile

Halima is a certified trainer, speaker and coach with the John Maxwell Team who is passionate and committed to helping people unlock their dreams, discover their purpose, pursue their vision and maximize their potentials. She is an expert in human capital development, leadership and communication. Halima is equipped with required world class tools, resources and experience to help individuals and teams improve their productivity, performance and profitability. Through seminars, trainings, keynote speaking, coaching and workshops, Halima is focussed on aiding people’s personal and professional development and enhancing their skills and talents while guiding them to evolve into phenomenal leaders in their businesses and professions.

She has tremendous amounts of experience in personal and professional growth/ development and leadership through practical application on the job in banking, government, business, non- profits, working with children and teens, as well as through trainings/mentorship.

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